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Use your MediaSilo email address toLog in to SHIFT

Welcome to SHIFT!


The next generation of MediaSilo is here. Meet SHIFT. Redesigned from the ground up, the new platform enhances productivity and modernizes your content-based workflows. The SHIFT Customer Success team is here to guide you through every step of the transition.



See a high-level summary of the most significant new features available in SHIFT.


The Benefits of SHIFT vs. Mediasilo

Explore the full list of all the new and improved features available in SHIFT.



Everything you need to know about upgrading to SHIFT.

The idea for SHIFT was born from user feedback and expertise from our two legacy platforms, MediaSilo and Wiredrive. Former competitors in the media management and collaboration space, they're industry-leading platforms that inspired us when designing SHIFT, and encourage us to add new features that move usability (and your business) into the future.

We expect a diverse group of thousands of companies will soon use it, making SHIFT one of the world’s largest platforms for advertising, media, and entertainment. With new functionality and dozens of integrations planned, it’s designed to be the central hub for all your media.

Using your existing MediaSilo email, you can log in to SHIFT at https://app.shift.io.

You can also sign in using our all-new MacOS desktop application for SHIFT, which can be downloaded at http://get.shift.io.

Instead of a password, you’ll confirm your account and log in via a Magic Link sent to your email.

Magic Links are the fastest, most secure way to log in to your SHIFT account. Enter your email on the login page and receive a unique link in your email inbox that expires after 20 minutes. Simply click the link and voila! You’re logged in to SHIFT securely for 30 days. No searching for or resetting your password.

Please reach out to our technical support team at support@shift.io if you have any issues logging into SHIFT.

The web and desktop apps offer virtually the same feature set and perform identically, but we recommend downloading and using the desktop app.

With the desktop app you’ll receive a notification every time content is uploaded or shared with you. You’ll also be able to bulk-download assets and their folder structures, and manage all your uploads and downloads in your MacOS menu bar.

Not yet. At some point in the future, we’ll sunset both of our legacy platforms. There’s no date set, but we recommend that you become familiar with SHIFT as soon as possible. For more information, please reach out to customersuccess@shift.io.

Yes! During your team’s transition period from MediaSilo to SHIFT, there will be full bi-directional sync between the two platforms**. Expect your assets and links to update on both sides almost instantly.

**SHIFT’s new versioning feature is not compatible with MediaSilo. The most current version of an asset will always be available in both MediaSilo and SHIFT, but older versions of the asset will not be accessible in MediaSilo.

Links sent through SHIFT will always use SHIFT’s review-and-approval interface, regardless of which platform you’re signed into while viewing them. Same goes for MediaSilo Quicklinks — if they’re sent through MediaSilo, you’ll always see them in the existing MediaSilo Quicklink interface.

We recommend making your existing MediaSilo users aware, if they're not already.

We’ll be rolling out in-app messaging about the upcoming changes in the near future, but it's still best to begin familiarizing them with the new interface to ensure they are prepared.

We also suggest making your Link recipients (including those who don’t have direct access to your MediaSilo/SHIFT account) aware they'll see the update as well, since all Links sent through SHIFT will include the new Link review screen.

Our new Links provide an improved collaboration experience. Simply give feedback with time-coded comments or on-screen illustrations. Use keyboard shortcuts to trigger playback and feedback options, and toggle between versions to compare comments. When you’re done, hit the thumbs-up button to approve each file.

Based on user feedback, we’ve also added a new Audience panel. You’ll see the faces of  everyone the link has been shared with through SHIFT and those who accessed the link from a separate email (as long as they’re logged into SHIFT at the time - if not, they’ll show up as an anonymous viewer). Now you’ll know who else is in the room (so to speak) when giving feedback —no more surprises.

Access all of your links through SHIFT’s Feed, your new inbox for work-in-progress that updates real-time. Navigate to Feed by clicking the mail icon  at the top of your left-side navigation bar.

With SHIFT, we’ve reimagined your go-to platform for your most important media workflows. That said, your workflows shouldn’t change much — they should only improve. If you have questions about how to use the new functionality, please reach out to customersuccess@shift.io.

Absolutely. We have a wealth of resources located in our knowledge base and video library.

Live chat with our Solutions team is also available 6 a.m. – 6 p.m., PST. Once you’re in the app, just click the “?” button in the lower-left corner of any page to start a conversation.

Our web-based SHIFT app is available on Chrome, Safari, and Edge on both MacOS and Windows, just like MediaSilo. We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience.

Our desktop app is currently supported on MacOS. Windows support is currently in development.

Yes! Use the SHIFT GO mobile app on your iOS or Android device to review and approve files from anywhere you are. You can also download files for offline viewing within the app, to truly stay productive on the go. Download SHIFT GO on the App Store or Google Play store today.

If you have feedback or ideas for us, please fill out our SHIFT Feedback Form or reach out to customersuccess@shift.io. We’re excited to hear what you think and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Technical issues can be reported either through our live chat or by emailing support@shift.io.

Not at all. Your existing contract includes the SHIFT platform so your team can hit the ground running. No changes will be made to existing MediaSilo contracts until the account fully migrates to SHIFT.

After the migration process is complete, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to discuss the new SHIFT pricing structure. You’ll either be able to move over to one of the new plans right away in exchange for a new 12-month term or wait till your next renewal date to make the switch.

There will be a new SHIFT pricing structure available upon your upcoming renewals beginning in the spring.  You won’t be required to move over to the new pricing before you’ve fully transitioned to SHIFT and turned off your MediaSilo account. To learn more or if you have any questions, just reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Existing MediaSilo admins and users can access SHIFT by logging in to http://app.shift.io with their MediaSilo email address. The user account will be activated after the user finishes filling out a personal SHIFT profile. Because the MediaSilo sync includes user roles and permissions, identical roles will apply for all users in their respective projects.

Yes. After logging into SHIFT with the email address associated with your MediaSilo account, all existing MediaSilo projects, folders, and assets will be available in the new interface.

To make the transition process as seamless as possible, we’ve also configured a full bi-directional sync between the two platforms.** Expect assets and links to update on both sides almost instantly. This way, you can evaluate SHIFT while keeping your Mediasilo account live, so you can manage the transition at your own pace.

**SHIFT’s new versioning feature is not compatible with MediaSilo. The most current version of an asset will always be available in both MediaSilo and SHIFT, but older versions of the asset will not be accessible in MediaSilo.

Users and permissions will be synced over with our full bi-directional sync between SHIFT and MediaSilo. Users’ access to projects and their respective roles in those projects will perform identically in SHIFT. Editing users, roles, and permissions in either platform will update on both sides almost instantly.

Easy—just click on the gear icon on the lower left hand corner of the SHIFT app. It functions much like MediaSilo’s admin panel. Learn more about being a SHIFT admin in this article and video overview.

We’re aiming to fully transition all of our customers by the end of 2020, so we recommend familiarizing everyone with the new interface as soon as possible. We’ll keep all of our system administrators updated when we confirm the final transition dates.

Written consent is required to finalize the transition from MediaSilo to SHIFT. Once our team receives written consent, we’ll turn off access to the associated MediaSilo account and send an email confirmation to all system admins confirming that users will be required to log in to SHIFT in the future. At that point, we’ll also renegotiate your plan to align with our new rate card.

We recommend making the full transition as soon as possible to be able to take advantage of all of SHIFT’s new functionality. To learn more about the benefits of doing so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Sent QuickLinks and their analytics data will remain available. Once an account is fully migrated to SHIFT, your recipients will continue to be able to access content in existing Quicklinks until they expire.

At some point in the future, we’ll sunset MediaSilo. We’ll maintain and support MediaSilo up till then, including providing security updates and bug fixes, until 100 percent of our customers have been brought over to SHIFT. You can continue to report bugs to support@mediasilo.com.

In the meantime, SHIFT and MediaSilo will be available to use side-by-side until your MediaSilo account is fully migrated over to SHIFT.

You can expect to see in-app messages to both administrators and users with information on how to log in to SHIFT. As the final transition date gets closer, we’ll continue to share information both in-app and via emails with updated information.

If you have any concerns about users receiving transition-based communications, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Yes, all users can access our walkthrough videos and Support Center, where they’ll find information on all technical aspects of the platform. We’ll also be hosting a series of SHIFT webinars geared towards MediaSilo customers beginning in the spring.

Additionally, our Customer Success team will be available to personally train teams of any size on how to use SHIFT and advise on best practices and adoption strategies. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly to schedule a training session, or email customersuccess@shift.io to connect directly with the team.

Use your MediaSilo email address to log into SHIFT